Wednesday, April 09, 2014


The mums I planted last year
On the advice of the Realtor we had yet to hire
Are poking up through the mulch
That I melted snow in order to lay in February
To help our new Realtor
Sell our house and
While I am not sure about the decision to capitalize Realtor
I am sure
As I sit here typing
In the same office I was typing in at this tome last year
That I have no interest
In seeing the mums bloom again this fall
Regardless of who our

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I'm Here

Parenthood is about 
Prescience and 
The most 
Precious of which is

Seasonal Impatience

flowers everywhere
green grass and buds on the trees
where's eighty degrees


Emptiness I know
I've been in the house
When the monitors aren't just silent
They're off and
I can hear the wind and
The hum of the computer and
My own elbow knocking against the table
I've lain in bed questioning
Every relationship
Every opportunity
Every decision
Every question
I've run through an abandoned military base
Air strips
All empty but
All still there
Even if only in memory
I've never
Been nowhere
I will
Know nothingness too and
That scares me most of all

Monday, April 07, 2014

Hello Jo-Jo Kitty

Hello Jo–Jo Kitty
Are you asleep?
You look so comfy cozy
Your head buried between your paws
What are you dreaming about?
Catnip mice?
Flying feathers?
A door left open a second too long?
Or maybe
These days
A few seconds too long?
Your favorite food?
The wet kind?
A plastic bag?
You do love to chew plastic
Don’t you?
Don’t you?
I didn’t mean to say that out loud
But now that your eyes are open
I know what else you like
Let me pet you under your neck
You can just sit and purr
And close those eyes again
Just settle all that matted fur back into the chair
And relax
Little hands and little old heads
We’e a good combination
Aren’t we?
Aren’t we Jo-Jo Kitty?

By: Wyeth and Daddy

Saturday, April 05, 2014

A Shortened Perspective

Childhood is rhyme
Parenthood is prose
The system can be shaken up
From time to time
I suppose

Slow Down and Ketchup

To you
The slower life might have some pop
But for me
It's slow down and

Friday, April 04, 2014

Selective Vision

yellow. green, blue, white
you don't remember when it's
grey, windy, and wet

Thursday, April 03, 2014


When a person picks his nose and
Flicks the piece of snot off of his finger with his thumb
It disappears only from his vision and
His mind but
Not from the world
For whatever it's worth
The same is true of
Me and


The sun now brings warmth
Nap time now brings
One song after another
Down through the monitor
To me
Who needs a radio

Transformation and Disguise

Forget the cover
I'm not even a book
Not always
In the park
I was and
I was as advertised
You only had to ask my son to know
It was warm and bright
Jackets were unnecessary
Flowers were poking through the dirt
Fisherman were knee deep in the water
Dogs and
Horses and
People were out in droves and
There was no need at all to whine
Not today
Not with so much to talk about
Hand in hand
Side by side
Like the trash cans
Two nights ago
Out on the curb were I had placed them
Where I was standing
Under a star filled sky
In an instant
From short story or epic poem
Mid sentence
Interested in
Has already been written
Light years away and
Might come next
After me

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Of waffles and pancakes and where they all end up

I doubt they will remember individual pancakes
Last week was applesauce
We've had
Blueberry funfetti
Lemon poppy-seed
Carrot cake
Cinnamon bun
Oatmeal cookie
Spiced buttermilk banana
Maple walnut and flaxseed
Banana, raisin, and oatmeal
Johnny cakes
Peanut butter
Cinnamon-peach cottage cheese
Old fashioned potato
Sweet potato
And even
There will be more to come
Even though
All they will remember is
That we ate pancakes
Almost every week
I suppose that's why
When I really think about it
I almost understand the folks who spend their money and time trying to stop other people from getting married
But not today
I made
Gluten free coconut