Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snack Cycle

Plastic Bag

Now I want to visit Metuchen

Next stop
Car 1519
You must walk up
Towards the front of the train
To exit
Next stop


A lot of stores seem to be open at night
When you can see them
Through the windows
Of a moving train

The Day After

Not yet nine in the morning
And everyone was over there
And Friends
All familiar cars
But three or four more  than normal
For nine in the morning
And the talk and laughter was
More than normal too
It hadn't been very festive around there in months
So I wasn't surprised when he came over 
And asked me to save Thursday's newspaper
Just before noon

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thanks Dad!

I‘m a child of the satellite age
I’ve never relied on the North Star to get where I wanted to go and
I’ve never pinned my hope on breadcrumbs to get back
I do have several compasses
They are some of my favorite knickknacks to set around on the shelves and
Pull down and dust off every so often
To teach the kids about directions or
Robert Peary and Frederick Cook but
The GPS is more helpful getting out of Philadelphia and
It is a great teaching tool too
Space and
Keeping your cool
When it tells you to take a right turn
Only to request urgently
Almost frantically
That you take the nearest safe u-turn
My kids will have their own tools and
Mine and
I hope my kids learn how to make use of all of them
In whatever way they can and
In whatever age it is they come into their own in and
That they realize that the bird food and the dead suns are the easy part and
Most importantly
That I can help them find their way to where they want and need to go
In the way you have helped
Child of the satellite age
Child of my dad

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Do you linger
After you’ve been soaked by an unexpected rain
Before you start thinking about dry clothes
Do you feel
Do you feel

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maybe July

I’m sad
It’s raining
And not snowing
So I can’t go sledding
Make snowballs
Throw snowballs at my sister
Drink hot cocoa and
Sleep without my air conditioner
Which makes it cold
But not cold enough for me
Not cold enough for snow
Not in June anyway

Maybe July

By Wyeth and Daddy

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New-ish House

Unfinished basements
Hardwood floors under carpets
An attic that could be an office or a bedroom
Clean fresh walls hiding under wallpaper
Clumps of overgrown bushes scattered around slightly less than an acre
Endless potential
Limited budget