Parenthood Is ...

brain freeze.

an antique that you are too nervous to take into the Antique Roadshow.

all about the art of benign and even good intentioned obfuscation

the balancing of guilt and joy

being caught between a to do list and not wanting to be done

a pantomime being staged at the junction between dream and reality

an opportunity for your lacrimal glands to get frequent exercise

work in a minefield deciding which mines should be defused and which simply taken note of and avoided.

the opposite of a long walk in the woods at dusk

like being King George ... any of them

one of the longest running shows, on or off broadway … playing at a mall, a supermarket, a playground, or a theatre near you

log rolling with a fifty pound pack

a cacophony of love

6:30 a.m. on the weekend

decorating for Christmas as snow falls outside and taking down the decorations as a cold rain drips down past and on the windows from sky and roof alike

the ecstasy of mundanity

different shit, different day

more presence than presents