Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another day floats by

On this day
Down came the rain
Never too fast but
Always down and
In and out of it we ran
Never too fast but
Always moving
All morning long
From drop off
To pick up
We talked
Read and
Were silent
He walked
He was carried
He wore tennis shoes
Brown shoes
No Shoes
I wore boots and
We saw bare trees and
Daffodils and
Nothing that resembled an umbrella
He said I love you
So did I
There was a hug or two
A confrontation or two and
Some alphabet crackers
By next week or
All he’ll remember will be the alphabet crackers

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Old Days

The other night it was
The three of us
Sitting on the couch
Once again
Just like in the old days
That in the old days there were four of us
I suppose I should be thankful I wasn’t the one driven to pissing on everything
It just isn’t time for that yet
I should be thankful that I am sitting here with my wife
Listening to the other cats purr
Mingle with the sounds coming out of the monitors
Out of the monitors and over the
Piles of clothing
Pink, Purple, green, yellow, blue, and red
Adorned with bugs and sheep and polka dots and
Labeled with sizes
Some tagged with price
All just sitting there waiting for something to happen and
Content that it isn’t
Just like the three of us
As we sat on the couch
The other night

Monday, February 27, 2012

Anticipating First Grade

When you are about to leave a job
You pay more attention to the people you will be leaving behind
You make a point to say a few more words than you would normally
You go out to lunch more often
You throw around more complements
More smiles
You may even buy flowers or
Write notes
I have
I knew that things weren’t going to be the same
Which is why I am worried that
With first grade looming out there in August
She hugs me more
More these days than she ever has before
If she takes me to dinner or
Buys me flowers
I’m going to cry

Friday, February 24, 2012

Facebook Birthdays

I wished three people happy birthday yesterday
On Facebook
Two of them I haven’t seen since before I turned eighteen
One now goes by a name I didn’t know she had
All got the same wishes
With some variation in the frequency of exclamation points
It’s not a cake and flowers but
It’s more than I did last year and
If memory and 
Intention and 
Ambition get together
There’s room for additional exclamation points next year and
Maybe …

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The cycle of life is pretty cheap

My son was very excited that a quarter I gave him was worth twenty five cents
Twenty five cents
Twenty five cents!
He repeated it a few times
With varying levels of enthusiasm
But always with enthusiasm and
Not any less than he has shown when told
How many cents it took to buy a muffin or
The car or
Whatever else he asks about
It was his quarter
A quarter he later deposited in his bank
Where I can later find it
When I need one or two or
For a parking meter or
A shopping cart at the grocery store
Later I pay him back and
He is excited
Twenty five cents
Twenty five cents!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We should have felt like trailblazers
When the
Tennis balls and
Even a miniature football
All came out
Along with us and
The sixty degree weather
On this fine Wednesday
Near the end of February
We should have but
That’s just not the way it works for me
Even if I show up at the school fifteen minutes early
I’m still not the first car in line for pick up and
Even before this Wednesday happened
I knew I was already
A step or
Two or
Two months worth of steps
There was no denying it
Not in the emerging yellow glow of the
Daffodils and
As we watched one ball after the other
Roll down the street or
Fly over the house
There wasn’t time
For denial or

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Plated Progeny and Weak Stomachs

My son’s pet turtle has burn-heart
Just like his granddad
(That’s me)
I have a whole passel of grandchildren
Including dolls of at least four races
One with legs hanging on by a thread
Two sheep and
A poodle her mother insists is a cat
Whose name is Juice and
Rides around in her own matching purse
But only one
The one who is supposed to have a hard outside
Has my flawed insides
He can’t have wine or chocolate
Just like me and
His dad has been worrying about his burn heart a lot
These past few days
It makes me a proud patriarch
A content patriarch
As long as my grandson twixt two plates
Stays away from my almond milk

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Road Already Taken

Two roads diverged in a wood and
I went back the way I came
Leaving both for another day
It doesn’t have quite the same ring
Does it but
It has a pull
The attraction of the familiar or
The unfinished
A yearning to fill in the picture
To know the details
The attraction of that cozy little nook
You always studied in
In your college’s library
Don’t tell me you haven’t wished you could go back there and read a book
I have and
The truth that Frost left out
Is that you can

Lakes Don't Grow Old

You can’t skip stones forever
Even if you find the perfect lake
With not a ripple on its surface and
A beach loaded with smooth flat stones
You will get hungry
It will get cold or buggy or dark
You will be called to do something else or
You simply won’t be able to conjure up double digit skips
Arms do get sore
Minds do wander
Anything can become monotonous
More challenge than reward but
You can at least be sure
That while skipping stones
No matter how rough the water gets
It will never get up and walk away
Leaving you alone

Thursday, February 16, 2012


It’s quiet
It’s nap time and it’s quiet and
It’s taken me almost twenty minutes to realize
That it’s quiet
The three year old is asleep
That’s still normal
The five year old is also asleep
That was normal
Two years ago
It probably means she’s sick
I’m sitting her e
Debating whether I should include
An allusion to the stunning of pigs prior to slaughter
It’s quiet all right
Unnaturally quiet
Way too quiet

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Impressions

Today I brushed my teeth
With my sleek new electric toothbrush
At eleven at night
Standing in the tub
With a bath towel over my head
I can tell you that
I have been brushing with the old school toothbrush at night
For weeks
To avoid waking up my wife and
That tonight I really wanted to use my new toothbrush and
I wasn’t quick enough to think about just bringing it with me into the office
I can tell you a lot of things but
No matter what I say
You will still be picturing me
In the bathtub
Towel over my head
Brushing my teeth

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

True Love, Father Son Style

He wants to watch a video
His sister mentioned the word video and
Now he wants to watch a video and
He wants to make sure that I know he wants to watch a video so
He tells me he wants to watch a video
Over and over
Sometimes talking
Sometimes screaming
Sometimes chanting
I keep Explaining to him why we can’t watch a video and
Urging him to help us with the puzzle and
Eventually he does
A little but
He doesn’t stop talking about the video
Until it’s time for dinner and
He wants macaroni and cheese
This time I give him what he wants
Spooning it immediately onto his plate and
Relishing the moment

Monday, February 13, 2012

Buttons and Connections

I button his shirt
A blue denim shirt
With marbled tan and brown buttons
One button at a time
From the top down
Kneeling behind and
Reaching over and around him
As if I was buttoning my own shirt
Often I button his shirts while kneeling in front of him
Maintaining eye contact
Smiling and
That connection is awesome but
As he leans back into me and
My fingers move up from one button to the next
In the way they are most accustomed
I’m still smiling
All the way through
From the bottom to the top

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Five is Fleeting

When I walked in the room
She was lying on her bed
Legs up in the air
As if she was riding an imaginary horse
Upside down
Very fast
Apparently she was giving birth
I’d heard that it happens fast
One moment you’re watching them put on footie pajamas and
The next moment you’re a grandparent
I wasn’t banking on a ten minute transition but
I guess they were right
Maybe I should stay in her room

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Is it Thursday
Almost Friday
And it’s 10:29
Make that 10:30
Make that 10:31
And now I’m only
For the little numbers at the bottom of my computer screen to change
And change they do
That was a minute I made much better use of
But it will probably be closer to 10:40 when inspiration strikes again
If it does strike again
There are only two hours or so left
And where did 10:33 go
What about Wednesday
What about 2009
I guess I shouldn’t wonder about such things
I guess I should just be thankful
That I am here now
And that I know that
It is 10:37
On Februrary the 9th of 2012
A Thursday

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Princesses and Flowers

Picking flowers and
Giving them to other princesses
Keeping some

Written and typed by Seren and her dad

Monday, February 06, 2012


I would like to feel as if I was at the spot
Where two roads diverged in a wood
Currently it appears as if I am at the spot
Where somewhere between
Fourteen and
Thirty five
Diverge and
I’m nowhere near a wood
So there is no listening to birds or
Studying foliage
I ponder
Whether any of the roads wants wear and
The speed at which the roads are multiplying and
Whether I would recognize two roads as clearly as I see
The difference choosing one or the other might make

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Remote Control Smile

My son has a remote control
That magically changes the imaginary boat you are on
Into another kind of imaginary boat
It also turns the boat on and off and
Controls wave height
Cloud formation
Nautical traffic patterns
Proximity to sharks and
The location of the sun
It doesn’t
Make noises
Illuminate in any way or
Turn off or on any kind of electronic apparatus
It has no batteries
In my hands it does nothing
In his
It makes us both

Thursday, February 02, 2012


There is an almond in my cookie
A small almond
In a big cookie but
When you add it together with
My son’s almond and
My daughter’s almond and
The almond from the other big cookie I ate and
A handful of almonds I grabbed out of the bag
You might conclude
I ate a little cookie with my almonds

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


When I inadvertently place my thumb on my lip
I find it to be wet
I smell it
I instantly recognize the smell of cat food
Since I feed my geriatric cat
Many small portions
Particularly at night
For some reason
He is ravenous and
It is five minutes to eleven
Is unsurprising and
Still disgusting
Yet I don’t taste anything
I can still smell it on my thumb
I suppose if I really worked at it
If I licked my thumb the way my son did today
Maybe even initially pretending it is chocolate
From a chocolate covered pretzel
That my father purchased for me
As a treat
Because we missed my class
To drop off his friend at the train station
Then it wouldn’t be inadvertent and
I would taste it and
It wouldn’t taste like chocolate


This winter it hasn’t been very cold
There hasn’t been much in the way of
Snow angels
Or Snow
And yet
As I have explained to my three year old son
A few times more than once
It is still