Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Guinea Pig

If you’ve heard the one about the tree in the woods
You’ll understand that I have to be off
It’s hard to know for sure when your patient is sick
If you aren’t there to listen to the cough

It’s almost time for dinner now
And carrots, parsley and grapes
They will not ever chop themselves
And jump up onto the plate

My little friend, he eats and he sleeps
He squeaks and he eats quite frequently
And between the three it’s safe to say
Eating is his speciality

When I appear at the top of the stairs
The gymnastics and theatrics begin
If it wasn’t for all of his eating
He’d really be very very very very very  thin

He jumps, he chews, he squeals with rage
Gripping the bars of his rectangular cage
Being small must not seem so fair
Especially not when he’s trapped inside there

Does he save this show just for me
Or does the cat stop by
And politely offer to serve
A homemade carrot pie

All that I know for certain
Is that when I put his bowl next to his hay
He empties it completely
That is all he ever really has to say

So I’ll be going now
See you later this week
I have a tree at home
That is about to squeak

By: Seren Alexia Angus

Sunday, May 25, 2014

the second nice day of the season

a watermelon,
corn on the cob, a dirty
striped picnic blanket

Cat Naps

I know that Carpe Diem is American
Hell it's even the name of a blog on the American Enterprise Institute's website but
I've been on a see saw recently
With a five year old and
I experienced the knee pain and
Calf strain and
Right at this moment
At barely six thirty in the morning
Nothing hurts but
I am uneasy because
A cat is sitting silently next to my chair
Not wailing or
Chewing plastic bags
As he has been known to do but
Simply staring off into the distance
Not like a leopard in a tree watching a troop of monkeys forage for fruit but
Like a businessman standing in front of the doors of a subway train
If subway train doors had to be approached like antelope and
Businessmen had the patience of cats
With the knowledge that
Days are
Antelope and
Subway train doors and
Five year olds on see saws and
That's why cat's pounce and

Friday, May 23, 2014

second grade in may

little desks huddled
together like emperor
penguins with no eggs

Antique Plates

Check for rust
Look for wear and tear
Listen to the engine
Ask about mileage
Get up and go
Reliability and
Whatever else you want
Ask away
The answers don't matter anymore
I've long been eligible for a
Antique plates

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First World Problems

Land mine
Sand mine
The difference is just an L
While one sends you off to council meetings
The other sends you straight to hell

Sunday, May 18, 2014


The warm sun, the blue
Sky, the white clouds, the light breeze
The next station is

New Jersey Transit and wishful thinking

Stopped in the station
Rocks bathed in the warm sunlight
No litter in sight

Gardener on Sabbatical

I am clothed in short sleeves and blue skies and
Hands folded in my lap
As everything rushes by outside my window
Graffiti and
At this speed
Mood and
Level of detachment
I can't or

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Of Fenton, the Pharaohs, and the letter K

In the mid 1970s
Fenton, Michigan leveled its historic downtown
A building or two
Like a photo of a tall skinny girl
Standing on the beach in the shape of the letter K
Buried in a box of old slides and baseball cards
They have some great strip malls
But even if they had built another small town movie theater
On top of the old one
There would still be that earlier building
On the edge of town
Poking its facade up to the top of an old shoe box and
An old wall in the basement
Like the earlier tomb waits
Under the more recent one
To be rediscovered
At least until
We need to buy some bottled water or
Watch a movie