Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is a picture of my mother and my daughter that was taken over Thanksgiving. Sometimes I think it is the most beautiful thing ever, and sometimes it is hard to look at. My mother has breast cancer. It isn't easy to accept that she has cancer, and this picture makes it impossible to avoid. It doesn't matter that it was caught early, or that the doctors are quite optimistic. It's still my mother and it's still cancer.

And it's still my mother and my daughter in the same photo. And they are looking at each other, and despite disease and distance, they are connecting.

And my mother is still a beautiful women, with or without hair. And Dipity, well I have no words for her, and at the same time I imagine all the best words. It's the same for the picture itself. I want so badly to say that I can't put how I feel into words, and yet I can imagine a million ways to convey the simple yet nuanced and complex wonder and dread that are encompassed in this picture.

My wife and I just watched Snow Cake last night. This is an amazingly wonderful movie, and if you haven't seen it ... well, see it. Sigourney Weaver (another women who is beautiful even when bald) and Alan Rickman have some fantastic scenes. In one they are playing a variant of Scrabble where you can make up words as long as you can make up a comic book scene using the word. Sigourney's character, an autistic woman, comes up with a great one. It is the best word I can come up with right now for this little snapshot. This is a picture of Ma and Dipity, and it is dazlious.

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