Sunday, August 16, 2009

A 'Triumphant' Return

I am back
and I have returned
to the scene of my
greatest triumph

Or a crime scene
Associated with an appalling and baffling tragedy

Either way,
During the deepest recession in several generations
I have quit my job of one year
And am returning home to be Mr. Mom

It is officially a crime spree

And there are more criminals
this time I have a whole gang
a regular crime syndicate
still two cats
and now two kids with bizarre names
Seren, Wyeth, Wally, Jordan
and a working wife
who … shhhhhhhh …
is still a good mom even though she works

And a time limit
one year and I’m back in the courtroom
or somewhere close by

Four weeks and I’m 36
and officially back on
or off

In the kitchen
in the garden
in the ball pit with the other moms
conspiring against our husbands
and our boobs
and myself

I’m back
and who knows what mischief comes next

1 comment:

Megan said...

Love it! *I* am glad you are back!! Back writing, back being Mr. Mom---even though you never really 'left'. Love you!