Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eight Fifty Six a.m.

We’ve got to go
And his diaper is full of shit
Shit number two of the morning

He always has two
Or at least as of today
He always has two

There is no such thing as always
Without qualifiers
At least
Not any more

Nothing is without qualifiers anymore
Starting with the phrase
We are ready to go

We were ready to go
As long as no one had a poop in his diaper

Two pairs of shoes were on
Two jackets were on
Beverages were in hand or in the car or both
The book bag was in the car
Dolly was in hand
No one was screaming and
We were all on our way down the stairs to the car

We were going to make it to pre-school for the daily drop off on time for once
As long as someone had no shit in their diaper


1 comment:

Megan said...

this is good, honey. I hadn't read it until now. Funny! One thought: would you consider changing the title to 8:56 a.m? nicely done. I"m glad you are writing again!