Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If you see her

Long curly hair
Blue eyes
Says “no” a lot
If you see her …

What … need more?

Well …

She’s still on the short side of four feet
She has trouble sitting still
Unless she’s reading a book or
Putting together a 100 piece puzzle and
If you see her …

Still not enough?

Hmmmm …
If she’s standing next to an even shorter person
A boy
She’ll be
Pretending to give him food or
Pushing him down or
Giving him a big hug whether he wants it or not or
Asking him to say this word or that
Everything from cow to pillow fight or
Laying on top of him while he screams and
If that is the case
Calmly pull her off and
Tell her that is not how she is supposed to treat her brother
She probably won’t be doing any of that though
She’ll probably just be sitting there
With her arm around him
Reading him a book and
If you do see her

You’re kidding … right?

Pbbbbbbbbbt …
She’s very observant
A little shy at first but
Impossible to shut up once she gets going and
Hard to bull shit
Chances are she’ll be wearing a band aid
Maybe on one of her birth marks
She’s got lots of birth marks and
She has my feet
If you ask her to smile she will and
You should ask her to smile
It’s worth whatever she puts you through to get one
She’ll probably be pulling her shirt up to show off her belly or
Her pants down to show off her underwear
She’ll answer to Seren
If you do see her …

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