Sunday, July 10, 2011

The truth about dogs and my daughter

The truth
About dogs and
My daughter
Is …
That she acted as if she was afraid of
Every dog everywhere
Even the smallest
Most rat like of canines
She was wary
And on edge
In the most loudest
And most flamboyant way possible
And now
She still is
Although this weekend she was wary and guarded
And Flamboyant
While she pet a dog
And fed a dog
And threw balls to a dog
And hugged a dog
It’s the truth
That the dog was very friendly
That my daughter is five years old
That one of them is afraid of earthquakes
And some of the rides at Sesame Place
And Brussel Sprouts
And that as a baby
Was bitten by a dog
An event she doesn’t remember
It’s all part of the truth
About dogs and
My daughter
And as with all truth
That’s the problem

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