Monday, June 04, 2012

Empathy and Mos Eiseley

When that bully stole your Han Solo in 1982
Right out of your nine year old hands
He took more than Han Solo
He took the possibility of awkward moments with Luke and Leia
He took away fist bumps with Lando and
Because it’s not just black guys that do fist bumps but
It is just guys in black vests that pilot the Millennium Falcon and
Run away from Boba Fett and
Slouch in his seat in the Mos Eiseley Cantina and
He can’t do those things outfitted for Hoth
In his winter parka
Not without placing an asterisk on the whole experience
Which I suppose is how she feels
About me being a stay at home father to her grandchildren and
And why she still feels that way after six years
Like Panda Baba watching his arm get cut off
And wondering how he’ll be able to be a smuggler now

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