Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Stuffed Turtle

He's green
He's white
He's got stuffing inside
He's fuzzy and furry and
Warm through the night
His shell is not hard
His legs don't pull in
So he really knows
The places we've been
For he's seen them himself
First with two beady eyes
Then when love picked one off
Just one did suffice
To soak it all up
As he's carried around
Fraying foot pads
Dangling two feet from the ground
In the car
In the wagon
Perched on my bike
In the library
At the beach
On a long hike
Out in the yard
Down by Grandma's pool
At the museum
Even learning at school
He's white and
He's green and
Whenever I'm seen
It's a good bet
One unlikely to fail
That sticking out from under my arm
You will always spy a little green tail

By Wyeth and Dad

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