Friday, January 09, 2015

He's Six

He's six
He was just arguing with me and his mother about whether or not he was going to eat half a strawberry
And now
He's lying on  me
On the couch
At his request
In a moment he'll be up again and fighting with his sister over whether the lights can be turned off while they brush their teeth
Then he'll be
Falling into sleep
While I sing
Out of reach
Until morning comes
And then
He can stare at the wall and spin in space while I run around turning off lights, gathering shoes and coats, and barking out commands 
Just for a moment
His smile
The touch of his little hand on mine
And that 
Even when he tells me he has both bags in the back seat but it turns out he only had one and we have to go back home to get the other
A hug or a cuddle might 
Serve to remind me
That he'll soon be out of reach
And now
He's six

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