Sunday, February 08, 2015

Hold On

We've been told to
Let it go and
Watch the world erupt into song and
Adventure leap out of the hillsides
It's the promise of Heidi 
On crack but
A little lower
There's an older promise
Connected to a simpler and
Sometimes more courageous act
Too often confused with the submissive wife and
Neville Chamberlin
Not that anyone remembers him or
That when playgrounds were blessed with metal slides and
Teeter totters
We did not ride the merry go round 
(Also called the roundabout to avoid confusion and visions of painted horses)
Alone and
That while we loved letting go 
It wasn't the hardest part
Did Navajo children go away to college
I don't
Remember the first time I held her hand or
That taking it in mine and
Letting it go
Are as connected as we are
In winter
Summer and
Probably even in the Swiss alps
I suppose that courage
Like the illegality of defecation
And most everything else is

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