Monday, January 15, 2007

Cloudy apple juice may be healthier than clear apple juice. Apparently it has twice as many antioxidants which protect against heart disease and cancer. Cloudy apple juice, however, still doesn't measure up to simply eating an apple. I read about this on the BBC's website. I was in search of a news story to comment on in this blog. I originally started this blog so that I would have my own little forum to ramble on about context and nuance, using contemporary politics (international and domestic) as my illustrations. I have certainly rambled, I have rambled right past politics and to football, bumper stickers, and death. I did write about Ford's death, but I was a few days late ans more than a dollar short. I sat down tonight with one of my favorite sources for news (the BBC website), with the goal of finding some issue I could opine on.
For the record, all of my favorite sources for news, with the exception of the John Stewart Show, are non-American. They aren't un-American, but that wouldn't be a horrible quality.
Anyway, I set out on a quest for a news story that interested me enough to apply my addled stay at home dad mind to exploring and interpreting. I was captivated by the executions in Iraq, but mostly by the fact that one of the guys lost his head. I could have written a piece defending executions in general, but that really didn't seem appropriate, and anyway it was really the beheading that interested me the most. Beheading through the ages probably isn't a topic that lends itself to much enlightened commentary. There were a number of articles on Israel/Palestine. I have to admit, while the situation there can be captivating, normally reading about it makes my eyes glaze over. Another choice involved Bush's plans for dealing with Iran. I have to admit that tonight I have not been in the mood for dark comedy. I did think about going to watch the Golden Globes when I learned they were on, but not in order to gather material to write about them. I have to admit that even the prospect that passing out chewing gum in Wisconsin might help save the state from obesity wasn't enough to keep my eyes off of the one story that had been beckoning me from the first moment the BBC's website graced my screen.
"Is cloudy apple sauce better for you than the clear stuff?" This is my kind of story. This is what I really want to read about. It is simple, happy, and leaves me with an action I can take to improve my life. Plus, it seems to support my basic life theory. Cloudy is better than clear. Indeed.

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