Thursday, October 22, 2009


Seren's Dad needs a break from blogging ... already. Kind of lame, if you ask me, but what do I know, I'm just wood, string, and wire. I have a family of my own, though, so he thought I was qualified enough to write in his blog. I am sure he is right, but who wouldn't be?

I would introduce myself, but I don't know what my name is today. Usually I'm just "Your Dad." But, if you stop by and visit, you might have to call me Joe, Apple Face, Paperclip in Your Head, or Smunchy. Sometimes I am on my own. Sometimes I live with my wife and/or one or both of our kids. There are days when I am napping with my in-laws (Grammy and Poppy). Sometimes I hang out with another family of four and their grandparents (grandma and grandad). And then there are the 'chosen four.' They are Seren's family, and they let you know it. So what if they arrived first, and we came last. Maybe the best was saved for last. The best is definitely saved for last when all of us have to sleep in the doll house living room. Chosen one or not, that man's breath is kickin! I almost prefer it when they get put up on the third floor with the big bed.

I'm actually glad that Seren's Dad asked me to do this. The last few days have been pretty dull. My family and I have been left to our own devices in the house. Seren has played upstairs in her room with the third family. I am happy for them, they often get the short end of the stick. At least we are Seren's Dad's family. Unfortunately the 'special' people are in here with us. It was nice to see them get passed over, but to have to be down here with them for days ...

I'm being petty. They aren't that bad. We all watched television together today, and that was kind of fun. And the kids have enjoyed having friends around, and have especially enjoyed the down time. Last week our daughter broke her other leg. They both just flop around now. So it is hard on her when she has to get in and out of the Blazer, dance, stick her head in a giant candle holder, be run over by a tiny school bus, squeeze into the General Lee, and get attacked by the monster. And it's hard on her mother and I because we have to carry her everywhere. So, it's been great to have the time to rest. A little cleaning, a little television, and a lot of laying around in a pile. If we get pulled back into the fray tomorrow, maybe I'll have something new to share. If not, well, even then it can't be worse than having to read what Sam has to write.

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