Monday, October 26, 2009

A Thought

As befits the exciting, swashbuckling, and fancy free pretty boy that I am, I was up after Midnight ... researching car seats. Wyeth has come to his last days in the infant car seat. Seren has a little longer in her seat, but not too much longer. I'm Scottish. So, in order to spend as little money as possible I am trying to ascertain the cheapest possible way to meet the car seat needs that the next seven or so years will bring. I was intrigued that some booster seats claimed to seat and protect kids who were 30lbs and up. This seemed to be a cost saving measure.

First I determined that it was legal. I was in the middle of trying to determine whether it was advisable, when I happened across The car seat nanny says that kids should ride rear facing until their 25 (slight exaggeration) and says no to the booster seat until the child leaves for college (another exaggeration). She backs up her booster seat claims with links to frightening you tube videos posted by parents whose children died in automobile accidents because they were in inappropriate car seats. I don't what she was trying to do with these cheap scare tactics, but I think it worked. Now I wouldn't buy a booster seat for Seren even if they included stock options.

And I almost came close to crying. Just the thought of anything happening to Seren or Wyeth sends me into panic. Just imagining the size of that void was enough to, eventually, make me see that I have a lot of reasons to feel happy. Not thankful ... or not just thankful ... happy. It seems logical ... at least to me. If losing someone or something would devastate you, then that person or thing must make you at least a little happy. It's far from rocket science, but it's a great thought.

Tonight I am up late filling every tub and sink in the house up to the top with water, in order to be able to drain them all, more or less, simultaneously, with the hopes of adding a few more months (years?!?!) to the life of the pipes that connect our house to the main sewer line. Who knows what great thoughts I will stumble across tonight.

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LauraC said...

Jon and I had a similar conversation when deciding what to do when we bought a second car. I showed him the scary booster video and we opted for a car seat that is a 5 point harness to 100 lbs. I fit in the car seat!! But working in the car crash claim industry (we call them collisions), I can verify the rollover/seat belt thing is true.

And since my boys are shrimps, they'll probably fit in those things well into high school.