Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Old Days

The other night it was
The three of us
Sitting on the couch
Once again
Just like in the old days
That in the old days there were four of us
I suppose I should be thankful I wasn’t the one driven to pissing on everything
It just isn’t time for that yet
I should be thankful that I am sitting here with my wife
Listening to the other cats purr
Mingle with the sounds coming out of the monitors
Out of the monitors and over the
Piles of clothing
Pink, Purple, green, yellow, blue, and red
Adorned with bugs and sheep and polka dots and
Labeled with sizes
Some tagged with price
All just sitting there waiting for something to happen and
Content that it isn’t
Just like the three of us
As we sat on the couch
The other night

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