Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Only Two More Days

Only two more days of five
Two more bowls of cereal
One of which will be the frosted mini-wheats I bought her today as a special treat
Two more drop offs at school
Two more opportunities to run late
Forget her backpack
Yell at her and her brother for leaving the house
Two more pick ups
Two more opportunities to ask her what she did today at music class or art class
While her brother sings or gets upset because she won’t listen to him
Two more lunches
Yogurt and
Something with peanut butter
Two more naps
Two more chances to listen to her read through the baby monitor
Two more homework sessions
Lasting ten seconds a piece
Too more days of games on PBS.com
Teaching the cat about adverbs
Eating dinner
And only one more nighttime reading of Mouse and the Motorcycle
One more performance of Aldi
Known to you as The Boxer
One more time to say
I love you
See you in the morning
And goodbye
Ten or twelve times
Amidst a smattering of kisses and
A lot of door closing
And then
It will be Friday
And there will be
Only three hundred and sixty four more days of six

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