Saturday, April 28, 2012

Facebook and Remembering

I remember a sleepover and an aborted attempt to get up early and scare up mischief
He couldn’t wake me up
I can picture the crazy drawings she made me
And can remember looking for a penny so
I could ask her for her thoughts
I can still see all of them playing pool in my basement
Singing along with …
Well I’d rather not say
I still have the lion hand puppet she gave me
And can clearly remember walking hand in hand
With her and my mom
To kindergarten
In the shadow of a solar eclipse
It’s all there
And much more
Waiting for a door opened
By a post about her son in the boy scouts
His broken hearted adventure through the South
His partner’s sister’s baby
Or a picture of her face
And waiting
With more hope than ever before
For whatever that’s worth

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