Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Late Model White Nissan Murano

She drives a white Nissan Murano
I can never remember her name
So I know her by the car and
Her son’s name
Her son
Who was crying in her arms
As she knelt in the parking lot
Next to the White Nissan
While his little sister slept inside and
Somewhere in Philadelphia
His grandma was probably sleeping in her hospital bed
While being prepped for hospice
Something his mom found out about
When the phone rang
While she was making sandwiches
In preparation for the play date
The one at the playground
The one with us and
The people in the Blue Subaru Outback
The one her son greeted her at the door to the preschool classroom talking about
With a huge smile on his face
The one she was now explaining to her son
With tears in her eyes and
That he wouldn’t be going to

In the white Nissan Murano

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