Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Hurts

He kissed my nose today
Practically cleaned out my nostrils with his tongue
Last Tuesday he head butted my groin
And it wasn’t the first time
He’s poked my eye
Bit my shoulder
Stepped on my leg hairs …
Which you can laugh about if you want
You can also have it happen to you next time
His newest thing
Has been to try and pull out my beard
One hair at a time
All the while talking about how he wants his own
Apparently he is going to get his own beard
One hair at a time
He doesn’t always pull the beard hair
Sometimes he runs his fingers along it
And he frequently does the same to my hair
Especially when he is sitting on my shoulders
Feet dangling down
And kicking me in the collar bone
The truth is
That I love every moment of it
The truth is
Love hurts

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