Monday, August 22, 2011

when in doubt ... say thanks

A red car sweatshirt
Has driven in
And now out
Of our lives
It’s only been a few hours
But I’m already not sure of much beyond the fact that it was red
And had a picture of a car on it
I know there were words on it
But I’m not really sure which ones
Was it car
Red and car
Don’t even ask about the size
Because I don’t remember
It was somewhere between 18 months
And 2T
Or 24 months
But I don’t know for sure
And I surely don’t know what the difference is between 2T and 24 months
Is it like the difference between a gift and charity
Both are free
Just like this red sweatshirt
Was for us
And will be for a little boy in Michigan
I suppose both can be passed on too
Or is it on to
I’m not sure
I’m not ever sure
Currently I’m not sure of enough to tell a story
About a red sweatshirt
Of indeterminate size
With some sort of connection to cars
I’m just barely sure enough to
Be very thankful
And be able to write a poem

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