Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maybe hell has frozen over ... Maybe it's just juice

The background is
That juice is strictly a pre-nap drink
Candy is illegal
We’re trying the war on drugs approach and
War isn’t far off from the truth

The story is
That tonight
Mom had some juice
Right before pajama time and
He saw it and
He wanted it and
He wailed about it
For a good fifteen minutes
Crackers and
Shoulder rides and
Dance numbers
Had failed
The offer of the gummi vitamins we’d forgotten about at dinner
Offered up a glimpse of a long forgotten seizure and
I want juice was replaced by
I want candy
I want candy lasted until an Ice pop surfaced
An Ice pop is
Frozen juice

The moral is
Part Sisyphus
Part David Copperfield
All trial and error
The messiness of life on the frontlines
The reality of being a parent

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