Friday, December 02, 2011

Cheesy Christ

When I realized that even almost three year olds have crosses to bear too

We were decorating a cake together

After seeking consent

I had ducked out of the room for some adult reason

Like filling prescriptions or

Using the toilet

Stepped on a large piece of glass

Started bleeding and

Told him about it

He was sitting on the counter in the kitchen

Just out of sight and

A long way from the floor

My immediate concern was getting the compression stocking off

Before it did too much to aid the flow of blood

His immediate concern

Was being concerned

He told me I was OK

That I shouldn’t bleed

That I couldn’t bleed and


When I kept talking about bleeding

He said

“Cheesy Christ, stop scaring me.”

I smiled

Told him I was fine

Got my band aid and

Joined him back at cake

I called his mother too

Of course

I had to share the vision


Rolled out tootsie rolls


Blood and

On its way out the door

Where I’d just helped him out it

A little cross

With a big macaroni nailed to it

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