Monday, July 23, 2012


Since you’ve asked
I thought I’d tell you that
It’s going to feel like you’re trying to turn a seedling into a tree
On a sled that is hurtling down the sort of hill every child dreams of
With the one of the best friends you will ever have
Just as every child dreams
Except it won’t be that one best friend but
A bunch of them
One after the other taking over the position behind you on the sled
So quickly that you hardly know the difference
Holding on so hard that you can feel their fingers
Right through their mittens
Giving urgency to your job
Charting a path
Charting growth
Trying to stay ahead
Ahead of the next step
The next turn
The next change
The next causal sequence
The weather
Cold soil and
Cold truth
Between your fingers
Right behind you  
Ahead of you
All around you
My advice
Embrace it all and
Scream really loudly
If you’re lucky
The feeling will linger for a good long time

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