Tuesday, July 03, 2012


If an egg falls out of a birds nest
It’s a serious matter and
Whatever you do
You mustn’t touch it
Unless you’re going to take it home and feed it through an eye dropper
Everyone knows that
Whether it’s true or not and
We don’t expect that the mother bird would take the baby back
Once it carries the stench of humanity
I always thought I was the mother bird or
At least a slightly self conscious human with an eyedropper
But today
After many many music classes
Family story times and
Other sundry and assorted group activities
He danced
Clapped and
For the entire time
For the very first time and
I sat and watched
Him and his sister
Finally out of school for the summer and able to come to his library class
Hold hands and
Spin around in a circle
Drop to the floor and
Jump up
In tandem and
Flap their wings
As if they were one giant bird
Falling and
All the time
Smiling back at me
Down at me
With much love and
Much amusement 

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