Monday, November 12, 2007

Nothing to Fear But ...

I'm afraid that I've caved into fear. I now refer to my daughter as Dipity in this blog rather than using her name. I have no objectively defensible reason for doing this. My wife mentioned to me last week that most of the blogs she read contained no real names. Nicknames and pet names are apparently the norm. At first this reminded me of my mother-in-laws fear of the computer. Grammy was wary of the website my parents setup when Dipity was born because somehow pictures of her infant granddaughter posted on the web exposed the premature baby to sexual predators. I thought at the time that she had watched too much of that network dude who confronts those dudes who think they have a date with an underage girl they met on the Internet. I still think that, but I have been infected with the same underlying fear that motivated Grammy's suspicions. The web is a big place. I don't know who all might be reading my blog. OK, so I do know, but I've never really trusted my mom. But seriously, shit does happen via the Internet. It doesn't seem right, and it does seem way too trusting for my hard edged cynical reputation, to depend only on serendipity to avoid the travails of the Internet. So, Dipity it is. This actually isn't an imposition. In fact, it holds a lot of promise. I had long intended to refer to my daughter as daddy's little Dipity. Maybe writing it will cause me to say it more. It has a much better ring than "you" or "little shit." I'll have to come up with a better name for my wife than "wife." That will be a lot of fun. That might even merit it's own blog entry. Maybe it's own blog. In the meantime I will refrain from giving away any clues as to our names, whereabouts, or favorite television shows. Wonderful world we live in, eh?

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