Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Decision Making

I am still unsure of who I will vote for in the suddenly meaningful Pennsylvania primary. I'm leaning towards Obama, but I haven't totally made up my mind. I have been paying close attention to endorsements. I haven't, however, heard from the characters that are most influential in my life now. And they are unlikely to speak up before November, let alone April, so I will have to make educated guesses as to how they might vote.

First up is Curious George. He is an African American in the truest sense of the label, so that would seem to point towards Obama. Given the popularity of reality television and the fascination of American humans with the lives of people like Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan, George may want to distance himself from any connection to people. Thus he might denounce evolution, making Huckabee his candidate of choice. But, he shares an apartment with a man that wears a yellow hat. This alternative lifestyle might make it hard for him to vote for any Republican. He is curious, which would make one think that he would support change. So, George would probably endorse Obama.

Mother Goose has to be a Clinton supporter. She is an old white woman.

Maria and Luis are old Puerto Ricans, so they would be right there with Mother Goose. Gabby, as a young Puerto Rican, probably would go for Obama. Gordon and his family would be likely to be in Obama's camp. Oscar might be at a loss if he had to choose from among Obama, Clinton, and McCain. All three stress the importance of protecting the environment, and Oscar loves "anything dirty or dingy or dusty." Elmo just strikes me as a Ron Paul supporter. He probably gets his voting guidance from Mr. Noodle's brother Mr. Noodle. Paul seems the right choice for Mr. Noodle. Baby Bear is a bit of a schemer. He also is willing to step on his friends to get ahead. He stole the triangle lover award away from Telly, despite the fact that he wasn't a triangle lover and he knew that his best friend Telly was a triangle lover and was hoping to have the honor himself. Baby Bear sounds like he might be a Clinton, and with the way Bill gets around ... well Goldilocks might not have been the only one trying out the beds.

Clifford was a runt that became the biggest dog around, so Bill Clinton's story might resonate and a third term might be an attractive thought. He does show an ability to work with other species, though, so this might be another endorsement for Obama. Since he's a dog, he's colorblind. I'm not sure who that favors. He may be right to life given his status as the runt, which could point in the direction of McCain or Huckabee. If he's a Republican, his vote may depend on the geographic location of Birdwell Island. It's important to remember that Clifford lives on an island connected to the mainland by a ferry. He is isolated from the real world, and thus might be a Ron Paul supporter. Clifford's might really be the endorsement to watch for given the fact that each candidate has some potential pull.

Well, I'm not sure this has helped. I think I'll have to go get Dipity's Richard Scarry books out, and look for clues as to how Huckle and Lowly might vote.

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