Friday, February 01, 2008

Hopeful Note

I just had a thought that made me smile, so I'm sharing it. Maybe McCain will win the Republican nomination, and maybe it will be the first step in re-marginalizing evangelical Christians. I am happy to let them believe what they want to, but it would be nice if they didn't wield power out of proportion with their numbers and way out of proportion with the amount of analytical thought put into their positions. It would be nice if what I saw on television was true, and many evangelicals were putting their focus off of politics and onto helping people. Wouldn't that be a novel thought? It's not like Jesus (their prophet, lord, and leader) tried to help people during his life. I mean, he didn't feed the hungry, or heal the lame, or ... wait he did? Evangelicals might even find the world changed to their liking where they to put more effort into battling poverty, spread education, provide jobs, etc and less efort into picketing and proselytizing. Less poverty and drug abuse and more emphasis on education might mean fewer abortions, for example. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or tutoring a low income child might prove more conducive to change than picketing an abortion clinic? It would be cool if family food would trump family values. It would be nice if nuance entered the evangelical worldview.

Maybe I'm dreaming, but it's a nice dream. Of course, picturing McCain as a liberal on social issues, or even as a moderate, would be dreaming too.

I asked Dipity what she thought about the future of evangelical Christians in the United States. She said "dadas bawl." So there you go.

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