Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dipity has been sick for a few weeks now. In this blog I will describe the last few weeks in two ways. First I have simply listed the major medically related events. Second I have written a poem.

Dipity has a cold
Dipity has a cough
It’s in her lungs
She needs a nebulizer
On the follow-up visit, the doctor discovers ear Infections
She gets and successfully takes a 10 day course of antibiotics
She transitions down to two nebulizer treatments
Two days after said course is finished, she begins running a fever
A different and more choke like cough appears
Fever rises
Febrile convulsions
We go to the emergency room with a fever of 104.8
We get antibiotics
Dipity stops cooperating with the administration of medicine
We see our doctor the next day
Our doctor wants us Dipity to take a different antibiotic
The fever hits 104 again, but no convulsions
We master the sit on your child and ram medicine down her throat technique
Things begin to improve
We cross our fingers as night comes again


I’m sitting on her
Her head is wedged between my knees
My wife is kneeling in front of me
Syringe in one hand
Looking down at our daughter

Our captive looks to both of us for help
Eyes passing back and forth
As she calls out our names
And then
As I attempt to reason with the twenty month old
Alternating between sobs and screams
Gives me back my arguments
“Sairahhs medcine”
“Own good”
“Sohhhy Sairrea”
“Get bedder”
“No feeing wehh”

If it was funny
It’d be hilarious

If all the “medicine” wasn’t on my leg, the carpet,
And the prisoners hair
I’d laugh

My wife leaves to refill the syringe for another attempt
The detainee watches me from behind sobs, medicine, and bubbling mucus

I’m still sitting on her

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