Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am thankful that I live now, as opposed to some moment in the future when parents will be able to order up their kids from a menu. It might have been nice to be able to order up blue eyes, red hair and every bit of height we could muster, but I like Dipity the way she is. Besides, she's 90th percentile in height, has blue eyes, and occasionally if the light is right there appears to be a hint of red in her hair. And most importantly, if my wife and I had been faced with a menu of options to choose from for our first child, we'd still be choosing.

I just finished putting a first coat of Vienna Beige paint on a wall in our front hallway. It was the first coat of Vienna beige, but not the first coat of paint. The first coat, actually the first three, were primer. Fourth and fifth were a very light blue. Sixth was a pea soup green. Seventh was primer. Eighth was an orangey shade that looked nice in our office, but turned out to be very bright and very orange in the hallway. Ninth was primer. Which brings us back to Vienna Beige. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe, if we could make our kids to order, we'd have four or five by now. Maybe in the distant future you’ll be able to adjust your kids as they grow up. If that's the case, we might be OK there. For now, though, I'm going to believe that we were lucky to have this decision taken out of our hands.

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