Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Signs of the Apocalypse

Is it just paint in my hair or
Is it foreshadowing
Is weathered glass a hair color
Would I want it if it was
There would be poetry in a
Change from red to blue hair
But not everything poetic is good
Maybe hair is a prose thing
A phenomenon best explained
Without alliteration or
Metaphor or
Hidden meaning
I was born with red hair
My hair gradually grew less red
Although even now it still isn’t brown
Especially in the summer and
My beard
My arm hair and
All the rest is still clearly red
So far the only gray is really blue/green and
It was painted on
Along with the bathroom walls but
Now I can’t lift my arm easily to my face
To deal with that white hair poking out of my beard
That’s not just paint
Is it

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