Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Evening

In a corner of our
Not so expansive
In Levittown
The kids are celebrating the coming of spring
This is the third or fourth time so far but
The first time that they haven’t needed winter coats and
They don’t collapse into fits of wheezing and coughing when they run
They can’t even see their breath
Underneath the umbrellas
Attached to their red and blue beach chairs
So I think whatever they're doing must be working
Maybe we should let them stay a little longer and
Bring out their babies to lie out underneath the Dora umbrella
Maybe we should but
As much as I would love the warmer weather to arrive for good
I need more time to prepare the garden beds and
Spring isn’t the only thing that is coming
To Levittown
At seven at on a week night
Coming too quickly
As it always does
Nighttime isn’t as patient with day
As spring is with winter
The only thing that lingers longer than winter
Is a kid
In weather over forty degrees
At bedtime
In our suddenly plenty big enough
In Levittown

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