Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Snapshot Sexuality

As if Parents didn’t have enough sleepless nights already
Now we have to worry about how we are recording
Our children’s
Even more than we did before
Now people are looking back to snapshots to confirm their sexuality
Of little kids
Sometimes four
Two or
Apparently show that homosexuality is genetic and
That there is no such thing as
Dress casual
Hands on your hips
You’re gay
In a spacesuit or
Have frumpy hair
You’re a lesbian
Your parents put you in a yellow clingy onesie
You’re justified in having anal sex
I’d laugh
If I didn’t have to think more carefully
About whether
I should be capturing my son wearing a tiara or
My daughter wielding a sword
It may influence the direction of their lives
It may just make them sleep more soundly at night
Any parent can tell you
Is no small matter

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