Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brain Squeeze

They say a brain is like a sponge and
I guess it is more a sponge than a castle
Most do seem to have a maximum holding capacity and
Not much more than the illusion of impenetrability but
Have you ever tried to squeeze yours out to make room
Has your brain ever dried out
Grown mold
I can't speak for anyone else but
I think I'd rather think of my brain as a beach
Sometimes built up
Sometimes washed away
Often littered with who knows what
From who knows where
At the mercy of
The phases of the moon and
The whims of weather and fisherman
They can say all they want about sponges
But I'll take wind and rain over a giant disembodied hand
I'll take it and
I'll think it
Until someone squeezes it out

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