Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Yet

It’s January 20th

Almost January 21st and

The rumor of snow is swirling in the air

Not the real stuff though

Not yet

Not yet has been the refrain all winter

Not yet is what I told my daffodils

When I first saw them

More than two weeks ago

Not yet

Never yet and


I might be through with not yet

That and dance clubs and

Board books

I’m starting to hear whispers of not at all

I was starting to be OK with daffodils in January

In a mild



With nothing but sun and rain in the ten day forecast

But suddenly

The rumor of 1-3 inches

Is in the air but

Followed by a wintry mix and

Temperatures in the fifties and

January 21st is still almost hear and

I’m still waiting for it

Not yet ready for it or

The 22nd or

23rd or

24th either

Maybe next month

On the 2oth or

21st or


I will be

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