Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Here and Now

I choose a piece of fruit

I eat it

I go back to what I was doing

The whole process takes about ten seconds

I barely remember eating the banana



Bunch of grapes or

Dried persimmon

So sometimes

After a productive pause two

I’ll take another fruit break

Occasionally I eat until I don’t feel good


I started in on a banana

Right after dinner

A big dinner

Then I stopped

Took a few more bites

As I checked e-mail and

Set what was left aside

That was an hour or so ago

It was right where I left it until a few minutes ago


After reading

Singing and

Blowing kisses to my son

As I do every other day when I put him down

I finished it off in a few bites

I may have even tasted it this time

Then I sat down and write this

Which is where I am right now

Where I’ll choose to be for at least a few more minutes

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