Monday, January 09, 2012

Trouble in the Chinese New Year

It’s almost time for the Chinese New Year and

We’re in trouble

Pan fried fish means that luck is coming

I have gastrointestinal reflux disease and am avoiding fried foods

So it doesn’t help that fried rice symbolizes harmony and plenty

Chinese cabbage represents wealth

I’m avoiding cabbage too

Pork brings wealth

We don’t eat the other white meat

Duck represents happiness

If I could take the complaining I could be happy

My son would be in trouble

Of course he would miss out on

Good luck and good fortune (steamed buns)

Wealth and abundance (shrimp)

Surplus (sweet and sour fish)

Profit and good omens (Clams)

The fulfillment of wishes (mandarin cakes)

I don’t know what a Mandarin cake is but I’m sure he wouldn’t eat it

A sweet new year (puffed rice cakes) and

A happy new year (seaweed)

The only thing we can hope to enjoy as a family in the new year

Is an offering for the Kitchen God

Since that comes is associated with candy

So happy new year and

Here you go Kitchen God

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