Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Blip

Tree rings
Ice Cores
Space viewed through a powerful telescope
In any of these
I would be but a fleck of dust
At best
Only a part of a very brief moment in time
And yet I get antsy in line at the grocery store
When the person with two shopping carts full or groceries
Won’t let me and my three items and two children go first
Which I suppose is why folks reject a connection to apes and
Embrace the cross and the ark
How can you explain being pissed over having to wait ten minutes to buy milk
I can’t
But I don’t try
Which is why
An hour or two ago
Standing over my son on this
His first night in a big boy bed
I told him to stay in there until morning
Until someone could come up
And thought about recording this moment in some way
So that he could look back one day
And appreciate our history

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