Monday, April 16, 2012

I could do without baobob trees

I’m pretty sure that the baobob tree at the Philadelphia zoo is fake and
I’m OK with that as
Long as the fake one is at the zoo and
Not in my backyard
A real baobob tree in my backyard
Would be like a dream come true
Now I’m not sure if it would be my dream but
I can certainly picture myself underneath it
Sitting criss-cross applesauce
Wearing something white and billowy and
Watching goats and kids straggle by in the dusty heat
As I wait for others to gather
So that we can socialize
Chew on something tropical and/or
Like a mango or ugali and
Make important decisions affecting us all
Democratically and
In good humor
Whistling something other than I’m Walking on Sunshine but
Similarly intentioned
I would head home to my multi-generational household and
That’s all I’ve got
That’s as far as I can get
Because the baobob tree is in Philadelphia
About thirty minutes away and
People don’t live with wild animals anymore
At least not very often or
In zoos and
There won’t be any smiles
Sunshine or
Even ugali underneath it
Regardless of where it is
Even if it is in your backyard
Blocking the light from your flowerbeds and
Hovering threateningly over your house
Very fake yet
Very very real

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