Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In our backyard

In our backyard
There’s really nowhere to hide
At least not for someone who stands over six feet tall
Has not the least bit of flexibility and
Is playing with a three year old and a five year old
Let’s just say I will not be fitting into a leaf bag anytime soon and
I wouldn’t want to hide too well anyway or
At least I wouldn’t
Not without a fence stopping the three year old
From running right out into the street and
Without a sudden dispensation of common sense
At least enough to stop either one from doing something silly while
I waited in the perfect hiding place for them to find me thus
I try to crouch behind the arborvitae and
Skillfully try to stay on the opposite side of the Maple’s trunk
Even going so far as to put my shirt in one place and
My body in another
Despite the fact that I myself don’t have enough common sense
 Not to simultaneously wonder
What it would be like
To be in some other yard
At some other time
Even though
There’s a giggling bush
Right at my feet
In our backyard

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