Friday, February 07, 2014

Little House, Big Woods, Combustion engine

If I had grown up in the little house in the big woods
With Laura
Little baby Carrie
And their good old bulldog Jack
I would never have known the smell of burning gasoline
Heavy in the cold morning air
I would have known cold morning air
Even if I didn’t recognize it
As I waved goodbye to my grandparents
From the covered wagon
Probably forever
And headed
Pots banging
Dog barking
For the prairie
But I wouldn’t have known what I was talking about
Had I tried to explain to myself what it smells like
When you walk up and down your in-laws’ ice covered driveway
Between the house and your car
Which is running
Warming up
Loading dirty clothes,
Leftover vegetable pasta, and
Jalapeno yogurt dip
Into the trunk
So that you can return to your home
Which you have to hope
Has electricity flowing into it
Once again and
Luckily for me
If I had grown up
Churning butter
Gathering honey and
Dodging bear
In and around the little house in the big woods

I wouldn’t have cared

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