Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Point of No Return Is Nearing ... Bless You

I wish
The point of no return
Came on
Like a cold
As you came within range
You’d start to sniffle
As it came into sight
You’re head would start to hurt
Just a little and
As you moved within shouting range
The snot would start to flow
Just a little more
Out your nose
Back down your throat
And then that feeling
The sick feeling
Would descend over you like a cloak of darkness
Right as you arrived
And you would know you were there
It would be great for making meringues and
Deciding whether or not to take a job
And right about know
I’d be wondering
Whether Sudafed
Might give me a few extra days and
A cold would be easier to handle
If you didn’t know you had it
After all

There is no cure

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