Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Loosening Grip of Winter

The snow outside my window tonight is like American power and influence
I would think it was as good as ever
If I hadn't seen it two days ago and
Before darkness and temperatures fell 
I hadn't seen it and heard it
Running away
With the rain
Off the roof
Across the driveway
Down the street
If I hadn't seen it and
Didn't remember it but
My memory won't be as clear tomorrow
When I awake in the morning and
Put on my boots and
Gloves and
Hat and
My winter jacket
Both layers and
I'm still shivering
Still under its spell
Still making allowances for it
Still grimacing and grousing under its power
Still convinced
At least until
I am back inside
Wearing a t-shirt and 
Looking at Friday's forecast
Wondering when
Like each of the less remarkable winters that have come before it
This one will disappear from even
My mornings and evenings
Wondering when it will loosen its grip

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