Monday, January 14, 2008

A Message

I'm addicted to sports. I actually checked at the end of that last sentence. Before I'm done with this blog entry I am sure I will have been to again, or if I'm down to the articles on skiing and track and field, maybe I'll have checked into My addiction is so severe that I actually listen to sports-talk radio. In my defence, I didn't really start listening until after my radio stopped picking up any FM stations. But now, even if I could get NPR, I'm not certain I'd go with it.

Lately, though, I've been feeling guilty about listening to sports-talk radio. Usually when I am in the car, so is Dipity. I always start out singing to her, or asking her questions. I always end up listening to the radio. Now, it's not as if I pretend she's not in the car. I still engage her, and she does have about forty pounds of stuffed animals and books scattered about the car. But, I do force her to listen to some rather obnoxious and rather low-brow sports-radio personalities. I have been feeling more and more guilty about this, but had been unable to stop. And then I received some help.

Last week when I flipped on the radio to hear some talk about the playoffs, I got a breakdown of Revelations. My knuckle dragging sports radio had been replaced by fundamentalist Christian mumbo jumbo. At first I thought it was a joke. But, a week later it's no longer funny. I finally brought new CDs out to the car. My other choices included Spanish radio, republican mumbo jumbo, or static. If I didn't have a CD player I'd have gone with static. If I was more superstitious, or religious, I would have a hard time not thinking this was a sign from God. I think it's more likely a sign from Dr. Sears, although I don't believe in him either. I could say more, but I haven't checked the NBA scores yet.

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