Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have been writing some poetry and submitting it to various places. Not much luck so far, but I do have lots of poetry to show for my effort. So, I thought I might share one.

She’s the Daughter

“Don’t turn the cup over …”
And she does
Of course she does
She’s the daughter
And … I’m the parent
I’m the parent
I am a parent
I am her parent
I am the parent
No matter how I say it
Or how many times I say it
It’s still true
And weird
I’m not the parent
But of course I am the parent
It’s the truth
It really doesn’t matter what I say,
I’m always the parent
And it’s truly weird
Which may be why I still say it out loud
I’m not sure why I keep saying “don’t turn over the cup”
That isn’t true
Or, it isn’t truly effective
But, I still say it
And the response never changes
Nothing changes
Except that one day most of it will
Maybe even one day soon
I mean she won’t be twenty and still pouring out a sippy cup full of juice onto the floor
So it has to change
But I may not notice
I’ll just be shouting out some other admonishment
So I won’t miss anything, at least not right away
Except I already miss watching her run naked through the house
Even though she still runs naked through the house
Because she definitely won’t be doing that at twenty
“Hold onto your cup … please”
But she won’t
It doesn’t work that way
Because I’m the parent
And she’s the daughter

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