Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Saturday?

A legitimate and unassisted goal
Tears shed over mud and dirt
A fight over whether breakfast was early enough
Cat complaints lodged every five minutes starting at six thirty in the morning
A fifty minute movie on Raccoons
Oatmeal cookie pancakes accented with maple syrup
Lots of maple syrup
Someone still awake over an hour after the lights went out and the door was shut
Singing coming through the baby monitor
Loud and clear
An argument over whether the wallet that came with a used black purse purchased at a consignment sale was sold with it whenever and wherever it was first sold to an unsuspecting public
Whining over whether one game of Scrambled States was enough
Roller shoes at Target
For the second week in a row
That was not crisp enough
An hour spent carefully arranging hosta and liriope
Family story read about ten minutes later than it should have been
About a food chain
In the forests of Pennsylvania
Vampire bats
Red tailed hawks
Cat sitting on my chest crying for dinner
Popcorn and a movie on a futon
A question
Dad did we win


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