Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Parenting Glamour

Center stage
At the middle of the chaos
Is the switching engine
Setting up the homework to be done and
Filing it away in the yellow folder and filing the yellow folder away in her backpack
Bringing in the mail and the thank you notes hand delivered in school cubbies and
Shifting the neighbors mail into the neighbors mailbox
Washing the applesauce out of the lunchbag and
Putting in the tiny tupperware filled with yogurt and securely closed
Removing the guineapigs dish containing one small turd and
Exchanging it for one containing two baby carrots, three grape halves, and a bunch of parsely
Taking a full baldder and
Facilitating its emptying
Not in the glamourous way from history and adopted memory
No steam
No smoke
Just a diesel switcher in a gray and dirty freightyard
It’s 2013
Glamour is cancerous
Chaos is timeless

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