Friday, November 01, 2013

Bovine Dreams and Urban Legends ... Or ... Let Sleeping Cows Lie

She is a cow apart
At least a dozen are asleep on their feet under a live oak tree
Huddled close in the cool night air
She is a good fifty yards away
Close to the fence
Legs twitching just a bit
Like a dog chasing a squirrel while sleeping
Or a cow sensing someone approach while she sleeps
And trying to run away
But not doing
Though she is moving now
Just the slightest bit
Revealed in her markings
Markings just like a cow costume
The black blending into the background on a starless night
Like their clothes probably does
The white just a lighter bit of dark
But enough lighter
To reveal ripples on her left
Probably starting on her right
Where she can almost feel the hands pushing
As the ripples increase
As does the leg twitching
And then she starts listing
Like in the black and white titanic themed nightmare
Of someone about to leave on a two week north Atlantic cruise
Except the iceberg isn’t larger than the boat
Above or below the water
And it isn’t white
Standing there as
Slowly she goes over
Landing with a soft thud
But failing to drop beneath the surface
Then her eyes snap open
And she is lying in the wet grass underneath that live oak with all the others

Illuminated in the light of sun rising up over the hills

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